Re: Pascal grammar (Frank Heckenbach)
6 Mar 2000 01:12:04 -0500

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From: (Frank Heckenbach)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Mar 2000 01:12:04 -0500
Organization: Posted via University of Erlangen
References: 00-02-145
Keywords: Pascal, parse wrote:

> I am looking for pascal lex and yacc files (not grammar, only .lex &
> yacc files). ...
> I suggest you this answer : "Reference Guide for Free Pascal". It
> could be found in pdf format on
> [It really is a free Pascal with source, must be a parser in there somewhere.
> -John]

AFAIK, Free Pascal uses a hand-written RD parser.

GNU Pascal <>, the Pascal front-end
to GCC, has a bison parser, but a hand-written lexer. Since it
supports several dialects, the parser is more complicated than a
pure standard Pascal or Borland Pascal only parser would be.

Frank Heckenbach, frank@[NOSPAM.REMOVE.THIS],

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