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Michael Larson <>
28 Feb 2000 03:03:25 -0500

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From: Michael Larson <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 28 Feb 2000 03:03:25 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: syntax, design

I have a testbed compiler for a simple C dialect (Renderman Shading
Language). One of the problems I am having with evaluating the parse
tree is with multiple assignement. It should be clean but it really is
a hack for a recusive evaluator.

Say you have an expression like this

a = b = c + 1;

this would result in a node assignment like this using my parser,
similar to the syntax driven parse example in the dragon book.

Printing node list, 9 nodes
Node #0001: 080506E0 type IDENTIFIER a
Node #0002: 080506F8 type IDENTIFIER b
Node #0003: 08050710 type = left 080506E0 right 080506F8
Node #0004: 08050728 type IDENTIFIER c
Node #0005: 08050740 type CONSTANT 1.000000
Node #0006: 08050758 type + left 08050728 right 08050740
Node #0007: 08050770 type = left 08050710 right 08050758
Node #0008: 08050788 type EXPR left 08050770
Node #0009: 080507A0 type STMT left 08050788
                push 1.000000
                push c
                pop b
                push b
                pop a

As you can see the double assign blows the eval method (without a hack),
it will parse the node list bottom up recusively evaluating right nodes
if present then left nodes. I only allow a node to have a type and a
left and right node, singular operations don't have a right node.

Here is the hack...... that makes it work

    case '=':
              eval(pNodes[i].right, pSymbols);
              if ( pNodes[i].left->type == IDENTIFIER)
                        printf("\tpop %s\n", pNodes[i].left->symbol->name);
                        pNode = pNodes[i].left;
                        printf("\tpop %s\n", pNode->right->symbol->name);
                        pNode = eval(pNodes[i].left, pSymbols);

Is this a syntax problem? If you do the parse of the above statement
using a left / right node method it seems to result in the same

Grammar is
        : conditional_expr
        | assignment_expr '=' conditional_expr { $$ = node('=',
$1, $3); }
        | ..... MULT_ASSIGN


Mike Larson

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