ANTLR 2.7.0 released

Terence Parr <>
24 Jan 2000 23:59:04 -0500

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ANTLR 2.7.0 released (Terence Parr) (2000-01-24)
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From: Terence Parr <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 24 Jan 2000 23:59:04 -0500
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Keywords: PCCTS, available

Dear ANTLR user, ANTLR fan:

Announcing the 2.7.0 version of ANTLR, that groovy and most hip parser
and translator generator led by Terence Parr and supported by

2.7.0 has lots of bug fixes and features the following general

o Nongreedy subrules
o Heterogeneous tree construction
o AST XML serialization
o Improved C++ code generation (more to appear soon after
2.7.0 according to Pete Wells).
o New Sather code generator
o A new pascal grammar
o A new tinybasic interpreter
o Improved stream handling and vastly improved exception

Get it while it's hot! 2.7.0 is available for download from or by jumping directly to:

Registration is now done though, which should provide MUCH
faster download times than my old Pentium-90 NT box ;)

Best regards and happy parsing!

Terence Parr
Chief Scientist, ANTLR lead, and all around nice guy

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