Deadline extended for WoSEF (Workshop on Standard Exchange Format) (Susan Elliott Sim)
23 Jan 2000 10:09:48 -0500

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Deadline extended for WoSEF (Workshop on Standard Exchange Format) (2000-01-23)
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From: (Susan Elliott Sim)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Jan 2000 10:09:48 -0500
Organization: CS Lab, University of Toronto
Keywords: conference, CFP


                International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2000
                              Workshop on Standard Exchange Format (WoSEF)

                                                        Limerick, Ireland

                                          Announcement and Call for Papers

Deadline for submissions: February 25, 2000
Notice of acceptance: March 24, 2000
Workshop date: June 6, 2000


A common exchange format for sharing data extracted from source code
is necessary to advance the state of the art in many branches of
software engineering, such as reverse engineering, software
visualization, metrics, program comprehension, and testing. With a
common exchange format researchers can more easily leverage each
others' tools. To take an example from reverse engineering, one would
be able to select the best parsing and analysis tools, send the output
to a clustering program, display the results using a visualization
tool from another group, and use the results to effect changes to the
software. A standard exchange format would allow researchers to build
a repository of example systems, or "guinea pigs", and compare results
from various tools.

Workshop Format

The goal of this workshop is contribute to the evolution of a
consensus on a standard exchange format. By raising the level of
awareness, we hope to move the software engineering community towards
consensus on a standard exchange format for software data. Holding
this workshop at ICSE, the flagship conference of the software
engineering community, allows researchers from all branches of the
discipline to participate in the process. This workshop will be
discussion-oriented and participants will be grouped into common
themes according to their position papers.

Workshop Topics

In arriving at a standard exchange format, there are essentially three
issues to be resolved: the representation format (syntax), the
elements to be represented (schema and semantics), and the activities
needed to foster adoption and tool support. Some of the questions
associated with each of these issues are listed below.
    Representation Format
    * How should the data be represented, i.e. what syntax should be used?
    * What are desirable properties of the representation?
    * Will any of the existing data exchange formats meet our needs?
    Elements to be Represented
    * What information about software should be included?
    * What schema should the format have?
    * What are the semantics of a particular element? How do we reconcile the
concept of a module across programming languages and paradigms? How
should we use similar terms such as function, procedure, method,
and sub-routine?
    * How do we represent common concepts such as element location? How do we
resolve naming conflicts?
    * How should we represent architectural information?
    Adoption Activities
    * How do we encourage a standard exchange format to be adopted?
    * How should this information be disseminated?
    * What tools, libraries, or APIs are needed to encourage the adoption?
    * Who should be encouraged to adopt the exchange format?


Individuals interested in participating are invited to submit position papers
on the issues and questions identified above. Possible papers include:

* Proposal for the syntax exchange format
* Proposal for the schema and semantics of the exchange format
* Agenda for encouraging adoption of a standard exchange format
* User and vendor requirements for an exchange format
* Experience report on using a popular exchange format
* Experience report on sharing data between groups using an exchange format

The position papers should be 1500-2500 words long (3-5
pages). Consult the workshop web site at for further submission
instructions. These position papers will be reviewed by the
organizers to select participants. We are looking for papers that are
well- considered responses to the problem and can serve as the basis
for fruitful discussions. We will select papers so that a broad range
of stakeholders from across the software engineering discipline will
be represented in the workshop. The deadline for position papers is
February 25, 2000. Authors will be notified of acceptance by March
24, 2000.


Ric Holt
Department of Computer Science
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G1
Tel. +1 (519) 888-4567, x4671
Fax. +1 (519) 885-1208

Susan Elliott Sim
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
10 Kings College Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3G4
Tel. +1 (416) 978-4158
Fax. +1 (416) 978-4765

Rainer Koschke
Institut fur Informatik
Programmiersprachen und Compilerbau
Universitaet Stuttgart
Breitwiesenstrasse 20-22
70565 Stuttgart
Tel. (+49) +711-7816-206
Fax. (+49) +711-7816-380

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