approximate string matching

Martin Okrslar <>
15 Jan 2000 14:16:55 -0500

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From: Martin Okrslar <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Jan 2000 14:16:55 -0500
Organization: Department of Computer Sciences, University of Munich
Keywords: theory


Does anybody know of an implementation of approximate string matching?

I would like to 'cluster' some files regarding their syntactic
similarity. (I am correcting the homework of some students, and since
I showed them with 'diff', that they did a simple cp they started to
change their files minimally, so that one does not see on the first
diff-glance, that the file is a copy. Note: We are not allowed to
decrease the score of anybody, just because we 'suspect' copying. I
just want to show the students, that we are not completely dumb.)


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